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Joel F. Pipes

Principal Attorney

After becoming a lawyer in 2002, Joel originally thought he’d go into entertainment law. Instead, he found his true passion: righting wrongs and helping people through their trust and probate problems. He knows how tough these times can be and guides his clients through their case with the care and compassion they deserve.

What You Should Know About
California Estate Planning & Probate

Without a will or trust, the state doesn’t automatically get your property.

If you die without a will or trust, any assets that would have passed through your will are given to your closest relatives. However, if you want to name a specific beneficiary or relative, setting up a will or trust will be in your best interest.

You can and should speak up if you believe your loved one’s wishes aren’t being honored.

If your loved one created a will or trust that you feel is being misinterpreted, speak up. With your loved one gone, you are now their voice to make sure their intentions are carried out properly.

You may not always be disinherited by challenging a will or trust.

Many people think that if they challenge a will or trust they will lose any claim they previously had. This is simply not the case. Consult with a qualified estate planning attorney to learn all your options.

Challenging a trust does not have to cost a fortune.

We believe that each person deserves quality legal assistance when pursuing their case, regardless of their wealth. That’s why we work with you to make the process affordable.

“Legal disputes aren’t easy, especially among family members. No matter your circumstances, I am here to offer the professional and personal support you need.”

Matters of wills and trusts inevitably involve close friends and family. Sometimes the process is peaceful, but occasionally a legal dispute may arise among family members. Our job is to make sure that all involved are following the rules and are being held accountable for their actions. If a trustee isn’t doing his job overseeing an account, for example, we step in to seek a court order that will remove him or her from “office.” We are on your side to make sure your loved one’s passing is handled with grace and dignity.

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Serving All of Southern California

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Orange County

Whether you’re in Buena Park or near Laguna Beach, we are here to help with your estate planning and probate needs.

San Bernardino County

While our office is closer to the coast, we often travel to San Bernardino to help residents in need of wills, trusts, or probate assistance.

Riverside County

Beyond Riverside, we serve other Inland Empire residents as well, including those in San Jacinto, Moreno Valley, and Temecula.

Los Angeles County

Our office is just south of Los Angeles proper, allowing us to help residents of Long Beach, Hollywood, Central LA, and more.

Client Referrals

If you have a client or loved one in need of legal guidance, we can help.

We’re proud to say that our clients are so satisfied with our work that they recommend us to their family and friends. Relationships with our clients form the core of our practice, which makes this the greatest compliment of our services that we can receive. If you know of a loved one or have a client in need of legal help with an estate planning, will, trust, or probate matter, drop us a line or give us a call to see how we can help them too.

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You Don't Have To Handle This Alone. Count On Us For Support And Guidance.

It can feel like you’re all alone in this process. Our mission is to make you feel secure. We care about you, your future, and your family.

Here When You Need Us

We pride ourselves on bringing a hands-on approach to all of our cases. You are not just a number to us — you are a human being, with emotions, stresses, worries, and loved ones. We make sure our process reflects that. If you need multiple meetings or even need to talk after hours or on weekends, our team is flexible. Our goal is to make sure that all of your needs are being met.

Happy to Meet You at Home

If you’re unable to leave your house or it’s simply more convenient and comfortable for you, our team will make house calls. The decisions you are about to make are important — you should be able to make them in a stress-free and safe environment.

Flexible on Fees

We fight to make estate planning and probate administration affordable for the everyday person, just like it is for the wealthy. With that in mind, we’re willing to work on contingency fees or on an hourly basis. Give us a call to see how we can work with your situation.