Conservatorship Litigation Attorney in Tustin

Conservatorship Litigation Attorney in Tustin

When an individual becomes incapacitated or incapable of making sound decisions, a conservatorship can be put in place. When someone can no longer manage their financial affairs independently, family members or concerned parties can petition the court to appoint a conservator. The primary role of a conservator is to protect the incapacitated individual. Unfortunately, not all appointed conservators fulfill their essential responsibilities and obligations.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates has represented hundreds of clients who need to take conservator action in court. If you need to dispute a conservatorship, call our conservatorship litigation lawyer for a free consultation.

Why Do I Need a Tustin Conservatorship Litigation Service?

Whether a conservator is an individual or an institution, they are legally responsible for several obligations. When a family member or concerned party doesn’t agree with a conservator’s appointment or feels that a conservator has neglected their responsibilities, conservatorship litigation may come into play.

Conservatorship contests include:

● Arguing the appointment of a particular conservator
● Questioning the financial accounting of conservators
● Breach of fiduciary duty concerns
● Conservator malpractice allegations
● Conservatorship mismanagement
● Contesting the validity of a conservatorship
● Conservatorship fraud, duress, or coercion

Conservatorship litigation is a complicated process. It requires an in-depth knowledge of conservatorship law. With over four decades of experience, our conservatorship contest attorney practice knows the litigation techniques necessary to win your case. If you have concerns with a conservatorship, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

Conservatorship Contest Lawyer with Years of Experience

Joel F. Pipes & Associates has successfully represented clients in numerous conservatorship disputes. From Hollywood notables to smaller estates, we help clients get the justice they deserve. Our lawyers have the experience and resources needed to hold fiduciaries responsible when they neglect their legal obligations.

We understand that this is a stressful time, and emotions are already high. You need an attorney who understands the procedures and can work quickly on your behalf. We have over 15 years of experience researching, developing, and arguing these cases effectively.

When necessary, we will call in other essential experts whose testimonies can further support your argument. This includes handwriting, document analysis, gerontology, and other experts who can help create a comprehensive, compelling case on your behalf. We are passionate about fighting for you. Let us do the work to ensure you get peace of mind with your loved one’s conservatorship.

If you have a conservatorship dispute, you need to talk with a conservatorship litigation attorney as soon as possible to get your case started.

Take Action Today with Conservatorship Litigation

Conservatorship litigation is a time-sensitive matter. If you have legal standing for a conservatorship contest, you must act quickly to petition the court. When it comes to conservatorship contests, we are here to help you determine if litigation is the right step for you. We offer free consultations to discuss your case. This allows us to determine if you have a reasonable concern and the evidence and testimony required to support your claim.

Conservators end up in litigation for three main reasons:

1. Breach of fiduciary duties occurs when conservators abuse or neglect their power through careless handling of the conservatees’ assets. Professional conservators are held to a high standard of the law. As such, they are required to use due diligence in the management and control of a conservatee’s assets. When they fail to do so, they must be held responsible for their actions.

2. Family members, friends, other loved ones, and proposed conservatees have the right to object to conservatorship in general. They also have the right to object to the specific choice of a conservator.

3. A conservator’s actions are continuously subject to review, attack, and defense. In some cases, the conservator needs representation to determine whether or not they are neglecting their lawful obligations.

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Our attorneys have over 15 years of experience helping clients navigate will contests, probate litigation, and conservatorship contests. When it comes to conservatorship litigation, you need an attorney with the expertise necessary to navigate conservatorship law challenges. Your loved ones deserve to have a conservatorship that genuinely works in their best interest. Give us a call today to discuss your case and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.