Estate Planning Tustin

Estate planning is essential at many stages of life. Having your estate in order is just as crucial for younger individuals as it is for those nearing the age of retirement. With the right Tustin estate planning services, you’ll have peace of mind that your family’s best interest comes first if something happens to you.

If you want to establish a legacy for your loved ones that minimizes their expenses and leaves them with what they deserve, our team is here for you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and create a carefully crafted estate plan that specifies your wishes.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a service that prepares for the distribution of your assets if you pass away or become incapacitated. Most estate plans are set up with the help of an attorney experienced in estate law. This will ensure that your loved ones avoid cumbersome probate or conservatorship proceedings. It also helps minimize expenses and taxes, eliminating the unnecessary burden on your loved ones during such an emotional time in their lives.

Estate Planning Attorney Tustin

With over 15 years of estate planning experience, our attorneys are proud to help clients establish financial plans. We’re here to help you fulfill your wishes when you can no longer speak for yourself. Our compassionate team understands the personal, sensitive nature of estate planning. Not only do we listen closely to your wishes, but we also provide the legal advice you need to avoid probate complications.

Estate planning attorneys offer the following services:
● Financial planning
● Health care planning
● Creating a valid will
● Establishing living trusts
● Creating living wills and advanced healthcare directives
● A durable power of attorney

When necessary, we consult with tax advisers, appraisers, financial planners, and accountants to ensure your plan meets your future goals and has your family’s best interest in mind.

Estate Planning Lawyers Tustin

Our estate planning lawyers provide legal services in Tustin for:
● Probate
● Heir representation
● Beneficiary representation
● Wills and trust
● Conservatorships

From simple wills to multi-million dollar estates, our team helps various clients protect their loved ones with comprehensive estate planning for all their needs. We go over all your assets and investments to make sure nothing is left out.

Give us a call today to discuss your estate planning needs.

Tustin Estate Planning Firm

Estate planning is just as critical for younger adults as it is for those nearing retirement, and your wishes change over time. Our established Tustin state planning firm can help you:

● Create a will- We’ll help you choose the right personal representative for your estate and plan out your assets’ distribution. Creating a will is essential for clients of all ages. Younger individuals with children, for example, need a will that appoints guardianship of minors if something unexpected happens. From simple wills to complex estates, we’ll make sure your final will is valid, conforms to state law, and specifies your wishes.

● Establish a living trust- Living trusts are a great way to distribute your asset to minors. When it comes to your children and grandchildren, we’ll attach your conditions and supervision wishes to ensure minor children handle your assets appropriately. We’ll discuss your situation thoroughly to help you choose a trust option that fits your needs. With Joel F. Pipes & Associates, you’ll get the legal solutions you need to ensure your assets are distributed as you would like.

● Healthcare and financial proxy documentation- If an accident or illness occurs, who would you want to be left in charge of medical decisions if you can’t speak for yourself? Our compassionate team will help you establish living wills and advanced healthcare directives and create a durable power of attorney you trust to advocate for you.

With a wide variety of estate planning tools available, we’ll help you find the right option to advance your objectives. If you want a Tustin estate planning firm dedicated to helping you establish your wishes, give us a call.

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