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The rate of financial elderly abuse in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, elderly persons are abused and exploited daily. Most financial elder abuse is inflicted by the people victims should trust, from family members and caregivers to conservators.

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What is Financial Elderly Abuse?

Elderly abuse is a general term that refers to the knowing, intentional, or negligent act that causes harm or serious risk of injury to an older adult. When someone financially exploits an older person, this is a form of elderly abuse that can be punishable by law.

In most cases of elderly abuse, there is an expectation of trust between the victim and the offender. If an older adult relies on someone else to handle their finances and those finances are mismanaged, the offender can face elderly abuse litigation.

Generally, financial elder abuse cases are treated as a civil matter. In most cases, the penalty is to return the stolen assets or money, with some cases adding interest or punitive damages. If the victim chooses, financial elder abuse cases can be taken to criminal court. Depending on the degree of abuse, misdemeanor or felony charges can result.

Unfortunately, financial elderly abuse is common, but it is reported at a fraction of the rate that it occurs. When intentional financial exploitation is reported, family members or concerned parties can file an elderly abuse contest. With the right elderly abuse contest attorney, you can recover monetary compensation for the victim.

Types of Financial Elderly Abuse

Financial elderly abuse can occur anywhere, but most commonly seen with victims living in their own homes. The most common types of financial elderly abuse include:

● Unauthorized use of an older adult’s income or property
● Forging an older adult’s signature
● Stealing money
● Stealing property
● Misusing an older adult’s bank account, checks, credit cards, or benefits
● Misappropriation of financial resources
● Abusive use of financial control
● Coercion or forcible signing over of deeds or wills
● Fraudulently obtaining power of attorney or guardianship
● Money is borrowed and never repaid

Financial abuse can be inflicted by scam artists, insurance agents, financial advisors, lawyers, and other fiduciaries.

Do I Need an Elderly Abuse Litigation Attorney?

Elderly abuse cases are resolved based on the laws of the state in which they are brought forth. If you suspect that someone you care about is a victim of financial elderly abuse, it’s essential to contact an elderly abuse litigation attorney. An experienced attorney will look over your case and determine if you have enough evidence to file an elderly abuse case against the accused.

The most common signs of elderly abuse include:
● Unpaid bills
● Disappearing money
● A sudden change of a will or power of attorney
● Increased use of credit cards

In many cases, older adults fall victim to scams that can be brought to elderly abuse litigation. Common scams and frauds targeting seniors include:

● Fraudulent investment schemes
● Fraudulent insurance schemes
● Fraudulent contracts that offer no service
● Unauthorized charges by internet service providers
● Sweepstakes scams that require payment to collect winnings
● Fake pharmaceutical products
● Medical billing scams
● Unnecessary medical care and billing
● Reverse mortgages
● IRS impersonation scams
● Charitable giving scams
● Lottery scams
● Identity theft

Unfortunately, financial elderly abuse causes more than financial loss for older people. Those who fall victim to this type of abuse have experienced damage to their credit. Even worse, when seniors fall victim to scams, many have reported a loss of sleep, depression, and shame. Since close family members financially abuse some victims, financial elder abuse is a highly emotional situation. Most victims don’t want to press charges for fear of what will happen to their loved ones.

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