Insurance Policy Litigation Attorney in Tustin

The insurance claims process can sometimes lead to a dispute. You or your family member has regularly paid insurance premiums. That’s why it’s warranted to expect the company to act in good faith when settling a claim. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not do what is right or honor your insurance claim as they are required to do by law.

When an insurance company denies a claim’s validity or fails to pay out the full amount, insurance policy litigation occurs. If you need to speak with an insurance policy litigation lawyer in Tustin, Joel F. Pipes & Associates is here to help.

Different Types of Insurance Policy Litigation Contests

Insurance is a highly complicated, specialized area of law. It can range from affecting large corporations to small businesses and homeowners. Insurance policy litigation can include disputes that involve:

● Underwriting issues
● Coverage questions
● Interpretation of an insurance policy
● Performance of policy conditions
● Reasonableness of claim handling and decisions
● Questions of liability

Our insurance policy litigation service covers a variety of claims. The most popular include:

● Personal injury and wrongful death claims- Personal injury and wrongful death claims are complicated. They often lead to a back and forth between the insured or the insured’s family and the insurance company. Our insurance policy litigation contest lawyer can help evaluate and quantify lost earnings and benefits in these cases. We’ll help you gather your business and personal affairs and get the highest financial compensation for your lost wages, bonuses, dividends, pensions, and share options.

● Coverage disputes- Coverage disputes are complicated. That’s why you need an insurance policy litigation contest attorney who delivers fast, efficient, and adequate coverage counsel. From our initial review to negotiating coverage disputes on your behalf, our team of experienced attorneys provides aggressive and compelling representation to help you get what you deserve.

● Bad faith dispute- Bad faith disputes occur for several reasons, including delay or failure to investigate, failure to settle within policy limits, and denial of coverage. Our strong experience gives you the support and advice you need to resolve these challenging issues.

● Insurance defense claims- Unfortunately, policyholders frequently need legal advice with a wide array of claims. Our insurance policy litigation service helps defend policyholders with construction claims, health care claims, product liability claims, class action suits, and more.

● Class action suits- When a business is hit with a class-action lawsuit, the damage can be catastrophic. Joel F. Pipes & Associates has years of experience defending high-stakes insurance class action cases. We have successfully defended clients with consumer fraud, unfair trade, marketing practices, and coverage disputes.

● High-stakes commercial disputes- When it comes to commercial litigation, Joel F. Pipes & Associates is the team for you. From administrative actions to complex multistate matters, we have litigated various insurance liability issues in commercial business disputes.

Tustin’s Best Insurance Policy Litigation Attorney

Interpreting insurance policies and how disputes relate to insurance case law, statutes, and regulations take years of hard work and dedication to this specific type of work. Whether you are disputing coverage or fighting to get what’s rightfully yours, call us today to quickly and efficiently resolve your disputes.

We are committed to helping clients settle insurance claim disputes in a wide range of practice areas. With over 15 years of experience, our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving:

● Homeowners insurance
● Accidental death and dismemberment
● Life insurance
● Short term disability claims
● Long term disability claims
● Natural disaster damage claims
● Bad faith claims
● Business property loss
● Insurance policy disputes
● Class action disputes
● Commercial business disputes

When it comes to fighting for our clients, Joel F. Pipes & Associates fight relentlessly to get the results you expect and deserve. We gather expert witness testimony and deliver compelling arguments in settlement conferences, mediation, arbitrations, and regulatory proceedings.

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Are you faced with an insurance policy litigation case that you feel is unlawfully brought against you? Have you been fighting your insurance company to get the compensation you deserve from your insurance claims? We cover a variety of insurance policy litigation cases to get our clients the resolutions they deserve. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and discuss your case.