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Probate litigation occurs when an individual makes a claim or raises a dispute during the probate process. Probate proceedings are conducted in a local probate court in the county where the decedent lived.

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What is Probate Litigation?

Probate is the process where your state officially recognizes someone to manage the estate of a deceased individual. This person is usually referred to as the executor of the will. When an executor submits a will and death certificate to the probate court, the process begins. If there is no will present, probate begins when an interested party petitions the court’s register or surrogate.

Once probate begins, a government official will examine the death certification and will to verify their validity. If everything is in proper order, the executor pays a fee and receives legal documentation that proves their official representation of the estate. When an interested party believes that there was wrongdoing in the probate process, litigation takes place. This is when a probate contest lawyer steps in to file a petition on the interested party’s behalf.

Why Do I Need a Tustin Probate Litigation Service?

Probate contests are brought forward for several different reasons. The most common causes for litigation include:

● Will Contest- When an interested person wishes to challenge the validity of a will.

● Administrator Appointments- If there is no will, the family might have difficulty agreeing on who should serve as administrator. These disputes usually lead to a contested hearing.

● Executor Fee Disputes- In some cases, beneficiaries feel that the will’s executor has overcharged the estate. They can take action with probate litigation for executor fee disputes.

● Formal Accountings- Formal accountings are when an individual believes that the executor fails to provide accurate information.

● Spousal Elective Share- This occurs when the surviving spouse exercises their right to claim a portion of the estate.

● Trustee Removals- If a will forms a trust, trustees are appointed. If there’s a dispute over the appointment of a trustee, probate litigation is brought forth.

Because of the complexity of these cases, hiring a probate litigation attorney is usually the best approach. Additionally, some parts of the probate process move fast. For example, administrator appointments are performed by a decision-maker who only gives you a short time to present evidence and testimony. That’s why you need a probate contest attorney with the drive to get down to business fast!

Hire a Trusted Tustin Probate Contest Attorney

Joel F. Pipes & Associates represents clients in all types of probate contest disputes. Our experienced attorneys will oversee every aspect of the probate litigation process. Our goal is to protect your rights and secure the estate proceeds you deserve. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve helped many clients, from Hollywood stars to small estate beneficiaries.

For decades, we have represented individuals, families, beneficiaries, executors, trustees, and business entities with the complicated process of probate litigation. You need an advocate with a track record of success. We’ll ensure you get the best representation in probate court to resolve these difficult and complex challenges. Our experienced probate litigation attorneys will relieve the burden of these legal disputes while emotions are high.

Our direct experience working with probate contest cases allows us to handle diverse and complex matters. This includes:

● Breach of fiduciary duty
● Conservator issues
● Reformation petitions
● Individual, fiduciary, and estate tax audits
● Issues with charitable trusts and foundations
● Trust litigation
● Fiduciary removal
● Undue influence claims
● Valuation disputes
● Challenges to investment decisions

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