Will Litigation Attorney in Tustin

While you may think that a will is the last word, even the most carefully planned wills can cause dispute. Our will contest attorney represents clients who need help defending or challenging the validity of a will.

If you have a dispute involving your inheritance, you need a will litigation lawyer with years of experience handling these complex matters. Call Joel F. Pipes & Associates today to schedule your free consultation with our will contest lawyer.

Tustin Will Litigation Service

Disputes that contest the validity of a will can be a result of many factors. This includes:

● Undue influence
● Forgery
● Fraud
● Lack of testamentary capacity

At Joel F. Pipes & Associates, we have successfully represented clients in numerous will contests. From Hollywood notables and large estates to medium and smaller estates, our will litigation service offers the experience necessary to argue your case effectively. Your loved one worked hard to create a legacy they could pass on to you. Their wishes should be honored, and you deserve to get what you’re legally owed. Call us today to discuss your case and take action.

What Is a Will Contest?

When someone dies, their will dictates who inherits their belongings, valuables, and money. In some cases, our clients feel that the offered will does not reflect the testator’s actual intent. In other cases, our clients think that they are owed an inheritance and have been unlawfully left out of a will, making it otherwise invalid. A will contest formally objects to the validity of a will.

If you feel that a will is invalid, fraudulent, or unfair, you have the right to contest it. A will litigation attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you focus on critical issues and file a petition to obtain what you feel is rightfully yours.

What Is the Legal Basis for a Will Contest?

Simply claiming that a will is invalid or does not reflect the deceased’s intent is not enough to bring litigation. You need to have a legal basis and theory for dismissal. The following are the most common examples of the legal basis for a will contest:

● Undue Influence- The will was made under force or coercion.
● Testamentary Capacity- The testator was incompetent to make a valid will.
● Improper Execution- The will lacked legal formalities such as publication and appropriate execution.
● Fraud- The will was a result of the fabrication of undue influence.

Other grounds for a will contest include:
● Forgery
● Failure to make a provision for children of a prior marriage
● Dated before divorce but leaves assets to the former spouse
● Dated before a present marriage, but fails to provide for the current spouse
● Fails to provide for one or more children born after the will execution
● Specifically disinherits a spouse who is entitled to widow’s allowances and elective share of the estate

Joel F. Pipes & Associates Fights for You

As you can imagine, will litigation is complex and involves the interpretation of murky events that may have occurred years before the descendent’s death. That’s why you need a will litigation lawyer with years of experience representing clients in will contest and estate dispute lawsuits.

Will contest cases are highly technical. It takes years of practice and experience for lawyers to gain the knowledge they need to attack and defend a will effectively. With over 15 years in practice, we have the in-depth knowledge necessary to oversee your will contest litigation. Will litigation can take more than two years to be resolved. A successful will litigation attorney will help you quickly identify and address issues to resolve your case as fast as possible. Being familiar with the process and the court system, our practice has a track record of success with will contest litigation. If you have questions about a will contest or need an attorney who can take action, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our lawyers have the experience and resources required to research, develop, and argue will litigation cases effectively. Even if we need to call in handwriting or document analysis experts, we’ll create a compelling case on your behalf and get you the resolution you need to honor your loved one’s wishes.